Hey Baby
Hey Baby

Wally Stocker, born in England, is perhaps best known as the lead guitarist with THE BABYS.


Wally’s distinct style, reminiscent of Paul Kossoff (Free), gave THE BABYS a distinct, recognizable sound. That sound has found its way back home with the reforming of this band that Wally co-founded with Tony long ago!


When THE BABYS disbanded in 1981, Wally toured with Rod Stewart and Air Supply, as well as Humble Pie, featuring Jerry Shirley, Jimmy Barnes and Zoomer.


With Les Paul in hand and trusty Marshall stack at his back, Wally is back where he has never missed a beat!

On August 28, 2016, Wally (along with Tony, John and Joey) were interviewed by Paul Nicholls on Platinum Rock Radio, who lamented on how THE BABYS impacted not only the music industry but also how their influenced changed the course of the music to follow by stating:


"The first time I started hearing about THE BABYS was hearing Paul Stanley from KISS talking about you guys in an interview. And yet these days people will always refer to THE BABYS as being a huge influence in that, especially the bands that grew up in the 80’s and the AOR bands. Without THE BABYS being around, music in the 80’s would’ve sounded a lot different.”

Wally Stocker: A Baby Grows Up

Interview with The Babys original lead guitarist, Wally Stocker.
Vintage Guitar Magazine (February 2014)
By: Ken Sharp



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