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"I See You There" Official Video

Silver Dreams Studios | January 2015

"Back on My Feet Again" Lido Live

Newport Beach, CA | January 2015

"Isn't It Time" Yost Theatre

Santa Ana, CA | April 2016

"Midnight Rendezvous" RockBar Theater

San Jose, CA | December 2015

THE BABYS Sizzle Reel taped at Lido Live

Newport Beach, CA | January 2015

"Midnight Rendezvous" Lido Live

Newport Beach, CA | January 2015

THE BABYS Live from Pinstripe Studios

San Diego, CA | November 2013


Looking for Love

Give Me Your Love

Midnight Rendezvous


Isn't It Time

Every Time I Think of You

Love Don't Prove I'm Right

Darker Side of Town

Wrong or Right (Unplugged)

Not Ready to Say Goodbye

Run to Mexico

And If You Could See Me Fly

Walk Away

Back On My Feet Again

Head First

"Isn't It Time" Club Vinyl Hard Rock Hotel

Las Vegas, NV | November 2015

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